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Chitchat & Cheer, LLC was founded with a mission to de-stigmatize therapy, advocate for the acceptance and inclusion of the neurodivergent, and be a champion for all who are navigating the world as neurominorities.  

We envision a future that is more accepting, accommodating, and empowering for neurodivergent people.

By providing education, advocacy, and therapeutic supports, we aim to create to community where autistic

and other-neurodivergent people can confidently participate in life as their authentic selves. 



We welcome all.
All people belong here and have a seat at our table. 

We presume competence.
Everyone has the ability to communicate, learn, and succeed.  

We emphasize connection.
Genuine connection, regardless of style, is valid and meaningful.

We listen with an open mind.
Listening without judgement can change one's life and the world.

We interrupt bias.
Acceptance, equity, and inclusion are essential in all contexts.
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Mallory Fry, M.A., CCC-SLP (she/her)

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist


Mallory Fry is a neurodivergent SLP with 12 years experience. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the Neurodiversity Movement and embraces the social model of disability. Her passion lies in empowering autistic and other-neurodivergent tweens, teens, and young adults.


Using strengths-based, neurodiversity-affirming, and trauma-informed therapy practices, Mallory supports clients in the development of effective communication involving personal agency, self-advocacy, and self-determination. Her therapy approach is client-centered and relationship-focused, implementing techniques and methodologies that foster positive self-image, confidence, and self-acceptance.


Mallory is licensed by the Ohio Speech & Hearing Professionals Board and the Ohio Department of Education. She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language & Hearing Association and is a member of the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective.


Mallory lives in Granville, OH with her husband, Derek, their two children, Brooks and Piper, and their pug, Olive.

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