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Comprehensive neurodiversity-affirming evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults assessing speech, language, and social communication


 Speech & language therapy sessions for children, adolescents, & adults to cultivate functional communication,

self-confidence, and

self-advocacy skills



consultation for special education advocacy,

IEP development, interprofessional collaboration, and workplace accommodations


Training for

individuals or teams

who wish to support neurodivergent people & implement affirming practices into the classroom, workplace, or home environments

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We never expect our clients to mask their unique traits and strengths. We accept our clients as they are, presume competence, and cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and self-acceptance. 


We don't train our clients to mask neurodivergent traits. Rather, we focus on formulating accommodations

and modifications that help them succeed as their authentic selves.


All communication is valid communication. We work together to strengthen communication skills in all forms so that clients can effectively self-advocate and connect with others.


Sensory & emotional regulation and communication go

hand-in-hand. Facilitating skill development in each area increases quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Payment Options

Private Pay

Learning Aid Ohio

Membership Packages
Jon Peterson Scholarship
Autism Scholarship

Chitchat & Cheer is an out-of-network provider.


Many insurance plans will cover a percentage of out-of-network services. We provide clients with monthly documentation that may be submitted to insurance providers for possible reimbursement.

As an out-of-network provider, we are able to maintain a specialized caseload and dedicate time for research, training, and advocacy efforts that benefit our clients. Unfortunately, the rules and regulations of insurance billing result in many and various limitations to therapy, which may ultimately impact its effectiveness. 

To learn more about out-of-network benefits, we recommend that clients call their insurance company to inquire.

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